Mermaids and Good Beer.


At the beginning of the summer, I went to the Keys in Florida with my boyfriends family. It was one of my most favorite vacations I have ever been on. I feel so entirely grateful that Joe’s family decided to take me along. We went kayaking through the ocean, rode around town on some scooters, rented a boat for a day, toured museums,and relaxed on the beach.

A blurry picture from my cheap underwater camera of us kayaking through the main-groves in the ocean. It was the only picture that turned out from that roll, but I really like the “dream-like” effect. The other picture is of Joe in the vibrant water of the Keys. I don’t remember it being this vibrant in person, but I really like how the picture turned out.

I love the smell of salt water, the sun on my skin, and the tropical fruit. It’s the epitome of summer. I can’t wait until I get to bask in the ocean yet again.


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