September 28th through September 30th. My 21st Birthday.

Here are some pictures from my 21st birthday. It was at Black Balsam Knob (it’s southwest of Asheville off the Blue Ridge Parkway) in North Carolina. It consisted of rainy weather, foggy days, and lots of fun. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant birthday. It was extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful. I got to spend it with my best friends and roommates: Joseph, Eli, Drue, Jess, Julie, Phoebe, Tommy, Will, Tim, Michael, Tyler, Crissy, and Isuru. All the dogs were there, too. I wish I could’ve of spent the whole week there, but I’m glad I spent even just the weekend there, for that’s what I really needed! I hope you enjoy my pictures from my new thrift store camera and I wish you luck on your next adventure!! Much love sent your way.
This is Tommy’s dog and pal, Buddy. He is an old man, about 14 years old, has poor ears and eyesight, but the best character of them all! He’s a pretty lad.
This is Lily, Julie and Isuru’s dog. She is very skiddish and shy, but the daintiest creature alive. She hates the camera because it “takes her soul” (she’s a superstitious dog) so it’s really difficult to capture a good picture of her, but this one turned out really nice!
This was my “actual birthday” night right after we got in from our hike to the camping spot. I think I captured this picture at the wrong moment (hence Will’s hand), but it gave me a laugh whenever I saw the developed product!
This is baby Kit! She is Tyler and Crissy’s pup. She likes to cuddle in sleeping bags and play with her winnie-the-pooh toy.
This photo is of us exploring the mountains. The little humans here are Jess and Joe. The red, green, and orange was abundant everywhere. Fall is the best season!!
It was overcast all day that Saturday (except for a few brief moments of sunlight). The rain caused a large and beautiful puddle!
Another photo of everyone exploring.
Drue, Jess, and Kit. They hate this picture, but I think Jess looks so pretty in it! She always looks so pretty!!
Pretty rolling hills.
This is the morning after my birthday night. The morning smelled of coffee grounds and damp mountain air.
This is Julie and Isuru. They are such an amazing couple. I love them both too much.
This is from whenever we were exploring the woodland area of the mountains. There were plenty of bushes everywhere, but the woodland areas were scarce. It reminded me of something from a mythical story with fairies and trolls!
This was the morning after my birthday. Jess was drinking coffee and Drue was holding Kit. Even though Jess is making a face as if she is looking at her nails with disgust, she is still super pretty.
This is Julie standing on a fallen tree in the woodland area.
This is Drue and Jess standing on top of a hill with Pep and Kodiak.
This is my Kodiak puppy! She loved the camping trip so much. I can’t wait until the day that I get to move to a piece of land so that she can run around like the free lady she is.
This is a picture of the tent that Joe and I shared on the camping trip.
Pristine beauty!
All of my friends/roommates are babes. And I’m just creepy hiding in the bushes taking pictures of them.. Jess and the rolling Appalachian hills.
I put flowers in Kodi’s collar from the little hiking adventure that I took. She is such a sweet creature.
Another picture of my puppy posing with her flowers. What a proud little beast.
Joseph hugging onto Kodiak like the good papa he is.
Another photo of Kodiak posing with her flowers.
Me on my 21st birthday!

This picture was supposed to be a timer picture of me and Kodiak, didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but I really like the results, anyways. My head is laying on her belly.
This is Lily and Kodi!
All of the babes sittin’ on a rock.
Phoebe and Will’s dog, Maude! She always has the best stance! What a lil lady.
Flowers were abundant in all of the nooks and crannies.
The rainbow is really faint in this picture, but it’s there.
BEST PHOTOBOMB EVER. (look to the far right at Pep)
Joe and Pep.
I was either going to take a picture of this or of the sunset (last picture on roll of film).. I chose this, obviously. Way better than a cloudy sunset.
Tommy and my Kodi baby.
Tyler and Tommy. This was prettier in person because everything around us was blue blue blue.. There is too much red in this picture to make up for what it looked like in person..

I hope you enjoyed my pictures from my birthday adventure!!


All pictures are copyrighted. 

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