Weak Knees and the Summer Breeze

My summer was filled with days at work and rarely any play. But the days that I did get to relax and have fun are some of the most memorable times yet. Here, I lay my memoir of summertime. Summer in Georgia is full of humid days, lots of lemonade and cold beer, and a great amount of river swimming. I hope you enjoy my little photo diary that I share with you from my little thrift store camera. Much love sent your way!

The Chattahoochee River, Summer, Georgia, 2012.
Julie walking down my roommate’s parents (Will Govus) driveway.
The Govus farm.
Jess, Pheobe, Julie, and I. Summer. Govus farm. Ellijay, Georgia. 2012. Wine!
Julie on mama Govus’ rocking chair.
Pep swimming in the sunset.
Foggy swimmers.
Raft out of a tube.
Nick and Joe.
So many different versions of this picture. This picture is of Jess and Julie. A dog walk on the Govus farm.
The only two strawberries that survived out of my garden. The rest of them were stolen by squirrels! Next year, I am planning on protecting my berries with chicken wire. The most amazing strawberries ever. Out of focus, but the background is really pretty.
Mama Govus’ blueberries. Once again, the berries are out focus, but the background is really pretty.
553520_10151762225340082_1828138144_nWine drinkin’ with my roommates on a bridge in a woodsy part of Atlanta.

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