Thanksgiving Week 2012

001_1Joe and Kodiak walking down the stairs on the tremendously short trail on Fort Mountain.

002_2Joe and Kodiak standing on some rocks at the Fort Mountain trail.

003_3The beautiful scenery at the Fort Mountain trail. I really wish that we brought our lunch with us so we could eat at the lookout!

004_4Joe looking out at the pretty scenery.



Another pretty scenery picture.

006_6This is me holding my puppy, Kodiak. Sometimes, she let’s me hold her like a baby and lays her head on my shoulder, ear down against my shoulder, and falls asleep with her nose pressed up against my neck. I think she might think that she is a tiny dog.

007_7Kodiak and I looking over the edge of a boulder down at Joe. She’s so sweet.

008_8I took this picture looking down from the same boulder that Kodiak and I were looking off of. She wanted a picture with both of us :P

./Joe sitting a “chair rock”.

010_10Kodiak is always laying like this, especially in the mornings trying to wake Joe and myself up.

011_11My Memom’s farmhouse with her two cats sitting out front. She hasn’t named her cats, and still calls them the two “stray cats” after ten years of feeding them and loving them. Her house is perfect.

012_12My Memom’s barn. It’s falling apart and is over 150 years old. The empty bottom row of wood that you see there is mostly my fault. Since the barn is falling down, and she hasn’t been up to the barn in a couple of years, I wanted some of the wood for my own keepsake. I make frames for my paintings out of the wood I salvage from the barn. This barn brings me memories of summers as a child, finding snakes and mason jars everywhere. Heat stricken Georgia with briars and treasure hunting. I was only allowed up there if I was to “be careful”. I never was. And I would climb up to that loft of the barn way too many times.

013_13Another picture of Memom’s barn. This is the interior where I went up to the loft to take the picture. Trees and bushes have engulfed the barn, swallowing it whole in it’s pure beauty.

014_14This is my favorite room in my Memom’s house. It’s the room that I would always sleep in. It’s completely white with antique portraits of women in the 1800’s on the wall. Dainty flowers here and there. I always thought that this room was haunted, but in the best way possible.

015_15Thanksgiving dinner! Uncle Bill, Uncle Tom, Memom, Aunt Millie, Michael, and my Mama <3 Such a delicious feast!



I didn’t eat any of this, but I thought it was really pretty! My aunt Millie made a pumpkin cheesecake!














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  1. lauren says:

    Hi cousin!! I love this! It helps me see what is going on in your life haha

    1. Yay! I am trying really hard to keep it as up to date as possible with what’s going on :-) I love ya! Hope to see you soon!

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