Honey Hole.

In the middle of December, we went on a strenuous hike through the backcountry of the Cohuttas to a honey hole. A honey hole is a place that has something great within it. This one had trout. It was chilly but not too cold during the hike. We had to cross the river about a dozen times to get to the spot that we wanted to camp out at. We fell a few times in the water causing our socks to be soaking wet and icy cold. On the way back, we couldn’t find the original trail for a few hours and had an almost vertical (what felt like) climb to the tops of the mountains. I hope you enjoy the photos from my adventure!


This is our tent.


Collin lovin’ on Maude.


Our socks and shoes drying out around the fire. We all fell in the river too many times.



Joe and Kodiak. The loves of my life. Look at how squishy and velvety her face is!Image

The fire.


Pup morning play time.

ImageJoseph getting water for me early in the morning.

ImagePhoebe standing on the rocks in the river.

ImageJoe setting up the tent.

ImageRed mushrooms that look like tongues!!

ImagePhoebe and Will being really cute.


River mushrooms!

ImageThe fellahs making a bridge for the ladies and pups to cross.

ImagePretty little river spot..

ImageThe above picture is the only picture that wasn’t taken by me (it was taken by Collin and his camera). I love this picture. It’s Joe and I crossing the river. Joe was so sweet to help me so much along the way. I love him so much.

Those are all of the pictures from my adventure in the Cohuttas! I hope that you enjoyed each one and I hope you have a wonderful day. Much love sent your way.


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