It’s A New Year! ~2013~

I spent New Year’s Eve with some of my closest friends. Although I didn’t get as many photos as I desired (camera ran out of film), I did capture some pretty good moments. We went to the Porter down the street to get some drinks earlier on in the night. I got a gingerade (vodka, ginger juice, lemonade). Everyone else drank beer. Then we came back to the Yellow House and popped champagne bottles, sprayed silly string, and had lots of giggles. I hope you enjoy the pictures from my night!


Everyone that was here that night, minus Drue and Jess and Myself (I was taking the picture). Goofy.


Isuru wanted to take a picture with me in it, so we switched places! My glasses are so goofy looking. I wanna squish them to pieces.


Julie and I! <3


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