Joseph’s Birthday.

February first of 2013 was my sweet boyfriend’s birthday. He is now 22 years old! I remember when I met him when he was 16 years old, sans beard, and with flippy high school-kid hair. I wish time didn’t fly as quickly as it does. My love for him grows every single day and I cherish every moment with him. We went to the Porter in Little Five Points, Atlanta for his birthday dinner then went to Ellijay for the weekend. We were initially supposed to spend only a few hours at our roommate’s parent’s farm (the Govus farm), but ended up getting snowed in with about 3 and 1/2 to 4 inches of snow. I felt extraordinarily lucky because if we were any closer to town, we probably wouldn’t even have gotten an inch. The boys shot guns and the pups played a ton in the yard. After we finally got out of the driveway the next day, we had lunch with Joseph’s family. Here are the pictures from Joseph’s birthday weekend. I really wish I had another roll of film with me so I could have gotten a picture of when it stopped snowing (8 hours later). Snow is a rare treat for Georgia. It usually skips right over us and into North Carolina. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Much love sent your way.

We went to the Porter for dinner, but this picture was taken at Little 5 Pizza where our roommates work. We were stopping by to say hello.
Kodiak running around in the dead grass in Jasper. Had a morning birthday breakfast with Joe’s mom at Waffle House.
The Rigdon’s neighbor’s horses.
Govus laundry. Blurry picture..
The boys shootin’ some guns.
Shootin’ guns.
Snowy Govus home.
My baby girl got snow in her eyes and pouted the whole time..
Tim and Kodiak running around as the snow started to pick up. Kodiak loved playing in the snow as soon as she figured out what it was!
This is me in the snow!
Joe shootin’ guns in the snow.
Pretty baby girl.
Boys sledding down the hills.


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