A New Thrift Store Camera.

A few months ago, I got a new camera from my local thrift shop down the road. A point and shoot Minolta. Inside of this camera was a roll of film, unused. With this roll of film, I recorded the “every day life” of my house. I hope you enjoy these memoirs of my college life and what it is like to live in the city for a country gal. Image

The picture to the left is Jess, Drue, and their dog, Pep. A wonderful family portrait of sorts. The picture to the right are my childhood best friends. The fellah to the far left is my boyfriend, the boy in the middle is Tim, and the boy to the far right is Will. All of those pups are the pups that live in our house: the white one is Pep (Drue and Jess’s dog), the brown one is Kodiak (Joe and my dog), the black tiny dog is Maude (Phoebe and Will’s dog), and the large Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is Fiona (Nick’s dog). Behind them is our big yellow house. Image

Here are my Ellijay boys playing horse shoes in our backyard. Image

The picture to the far left is when Tim was teaching Joe how to play guitar. The picture in the middle is a dead hawk that froze to death in my momma’s yard. :-( The picture to the far right is my baby girl, Kodiak, who was hanging out in Drue’s navy blue ford truck. Oh, by the way, we have a lovely view of Barnes and Noble. :-P Image

This is my beautiful roommate, Jess! Image

The picture to the left is my baby girl and the picture to the right is Will with his baby girl.Image

Fiona and Kodiak are so in love with each other. They spend many days on end staring into each other’s eyes. Such love birds.Image

One of my best friend’s came over for a visit! She lives in London, England at the moment going to school and living with her boyfriend. I’m so glad I got to visit with her while she was in the states!Image

The picture to the left is John hugging on Drue. The picture to the right is my GORGEOUS momma!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from around my house. Much love and light sent your way.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. teresa says:

    you are simply amazing, sometimes I think I am going to burst cuz I have sooooo much love for you

    1. I love you soo much too, mommy!

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